We want to show you the benefits of avoiding sun beds and sunbathing minus the sun screen, instead demonstrating just how easy it is to create a natural glow by using self-tanning alternatives. Here’s our pick of the top 6 benefits to sunless tanning:


Self-tan solutions, like TANWORX Self Tan Foam and LDN:SKINS Gradual Tan, offer a simple quick and more effective way to create a holiday-worthy glow from head to toe. Our extensive range of tanning products take just minutes to apply and also contain a wealth of moisturising ingredients that soothe and nourish skin as they colour. 


With proper aftercare and maintenance a self-tan is sure to last just as a long as natural tan and there’s no need to wait for a sunny day or pay for a foreign getaway to achieve your golden glow. We recommend using TANWORX Tan Maintainer 1-2 days after applying your fake tan – this fresh, fragrant moisturiser promises to subtly enhance and deepen your self-tan whilst restoring hydration and slowing down the skins natural exfoliation process.


As we all know, over-exposure to the sun can result in unsightly, not to mention painful, sunburn and even blisters. Skin is left dry and damaged and often your tan simply flakes away with dead skin. Avoid the dreaded dry, dull skin with TANWORX and LDN:SKINS tanning solutions, packed full of natural active ingredients to ensure skin remains hydrated and conditioned, helping your tan stick around for longer. 


Not only will your self-tan help you benefit from a gorgeous golden glow, but your skin is sure to thank you due to our extensive list of innovative natural ingredients found in both TANWORX and LDN:SKINS tanning formulas. From the moisturising and healing properties of Aloe Vera to Beeswax to soften and plump the skin for a more toned appearance plus Seaweed, which is bursting with vitamins and minerals to nourish and protect. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that a self-tan from MONU will care for your skin as well as colour it. 


Embarrassing tan lines are non-existent with self-tanning formulas. Our products are easy to apply; simply sweep onto the skin with a mitt and blend in circular motions to ensure a streak-free, no mess tan in no time at all. Choose from our fantastic variety of TANWORX and LDN:SKINS solutions, including foams, lotions and liquids, plus a range colours depths allowing you to tailor your self-tan to your skin tone and tanning preferences. 


Finally, the healthy golden glow that self-tan helps you achieve works wonders to boost body confidence. Not only does a natural tan improve the skins complexion, it also reduces the appearance of imperfections and blemishes to create an instantly more radiant look. 


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At MONU we strive to keep your skin healthy and glowing, promoting a message of skin safety to ensure our customers and clients are aware of the dangers of the suns’ harmful UV rays. Failure to wear SPF on a daily basis, especially on the face, coupled with prolonged exposure to the sun will not only lead to premature ageing of the skin but serious sun damage and, in extreme cases, skin cancer.