If you like the idea of using self-tan but find the thought a little daunting, it can be hard to know where to start. Gradual tan is the perfect choice, whether you want to build a holiday-ready glow in time for summer or simply want a light, natural looking tan to complement your skin tone.


At MONU we offer a range of professional self-tan products available for home use. Both our TANWORX and LDN:Skins self-tan have been designed to give you a gorgeous glow whilst also nourishing and conditioning skin. TANWORX Tan Maintainer and LDN:Skins Gradual Tan Lotion have been created to both maintain your professional self-tan and provide a light and natural glow when used on their own. Read on for our guide on getting the best from your gradual tan.



What products should I use?


For fairer complexions, or those new to self-tan choose LDN:Skins Gradual Tan Lotion. Its versatile colours can be used occasionally to create a subtle glow or applied on consecutive days to build a more skin-kissed tan. Its easy glide formula smooths on to the skin with ease, absorbing quickly without clogging pores to ensure skin remains nourished and hydrated.

What are they?


Gradual tanners offer a more subtle solution to the usual self-tan suspects like mousses, lotions and liquids. Doubling up as a conditioning all-over body moisturiser, gradual tan contains a subtle hint of colour that can be built into a natural, golden glow over a period of time. Alternatively, use solutions such as the TANWORX Tan Maintainer in addition to your usual self-tan to deepen and prolong the life of your colour.


LDN:Skins Gradual Tan Lotion is perfect for those who are new to using self-tan, allowing you to achieve a soft sun-kissed glow when used over the course of a week. Choose from shades in light or medium to suit your skin tone and tanning preferences.  

How to apply?


Gradual tan should be used in a similar way to other self-tan products. Start by exfoliating your skin at least 24 hours prior to application to create a smooth base to apply your tan whilst ensuring a streak-free finish. Shower prior to applying the product but do not apply moisturiser before using gradual tan as formulas like TANWORX Tan Maintainer and LDN:Skins Gradual Tan Lotion double up as full-body moisturisers and promise to keep your skin soft and supple. 


When applying your gradual tan, take a small blob in the palm of your hand and rub into the skin thoroughly using circular motions. Apply to the whole body, but use sparingly over drier areas such as elbows and knees to avoid a build up of colour. Once you have applied your tan, wash hands thoroughly to avoid tell-tale stained palms. 


Keeping your golden glow

Continue to apply everyday or every other day to build and maintain your holiday-worthy glow. Once you have achieved your desired colour, moisturise daily to keep skin soft and reapply gradual tan as necessary once the colour starts to fade. 

Alternatively, for those who prefer a deeper tan but find themselves short on time when it comes to applying a full-body self-tan on a regular basis, use TANWORX Tan Maintainer. Used similarly to a moisture, apply to the skin 1-2 days after applying your self-tan. The fresh, fragrant moisturiser promises to subtly enhance and deepen your colour whilst restoring moisture to the skin and slowing down its natural exfoliation process. Skin looks and feels soft and supple with a holiday-worthy glow whatever the weather!

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